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About The CG-Crafts


Gizem Elibol


Architect / CGI Artist

Collaborating with architects and designers, we specialize in streamlining communication with clients to accelerate the design process. By transforming concepts into visually stunning CGI, we facilitate effective presentations, making the design journey faster, more accurate, and visually impactful. Elevate your communication and design efficiency with our dedicated CGI expertise.

About The Processes

Thanks to the experience we have gained over the years, we have developed a professional working principle. Through these steps, we establish more accurate communication with our clients and can manage this process more effectively.

Understanding Your Vision

The process typically starts with understanding your vision, goals, and requirements. Clear communication at this stage is crucial to ensuring that the final visualization aligns with your expectations.

Brief Development

Creating a comprehensive brief that outlines project details, goals, and any specific preferences is essential. This document serves as a roadmap for the entire visualization process.

Scheduling and Quoting

Once the brief is reviewed, the time required for the project is assessed, and a schedule is established. A price quote is prepared, including details of the scope of work.

Initial Visualization

The initial draft visuals are then created and shared with you on the agreed-upon date. This stage allows for feedback and ensures that the project is progressing in the right direction.

Revision and Refinement

Based on your feedback, revisions are made to the visuals. Effective communication is crucial during this phase to address any concerns or modifications you may have.


Once revisions are processed, the final images are produced. This stage involves ensuring that all aspects meet your expectations, including resolution and overall quality.

Client Collaboration

Throughout the process, ongoing communication and collaboration with you is the key. Regular updates, feedback sessions, and transparent discussions help build trust and ensure the final result aligns your vision.


The finalized, high-resolution images are delivered to you, completing the visualization process. This marks the transition from concept to a visually compelling representation of the architectural design.

In summary, effective communication, a well-defined process, and collaboration are integral to a successful architectural visualization project. It's a creative journey that requires a balance between technical expertise and meeting the client's expectations.

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